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We each have so much inside of us that wants to be expressed and for me, writing has always been an outlet for that. I fully believe that every person is creative and I love offering a space for people to explore that creativity within them.  

-Desirée Dawson

Desiree has been writing for herself and others for over 7 years. As an experienced singer-songwriter, it brings her so much joy to write and she is excited to be able to offer these experiences to help others connect with their own writer within.  

Whether it is songwriting, journaling, or other creative writing endeavors, Desirée offers a unique and customized experience for each individual based on where they are at and what they are wanting.  Beginners and experienced writers are welcomed!

The goal for these sessions is to create a space for you to gain the tools and inspiration to get into (or back into) writing.  It's about expression, trusting yourself, and exploring the creativity within. 

Individual sessions are 2 hours plus a follow up call and can be done in person in Vancouver, Canada or over phone/Skype.  Group sessions are also available upon request.  


To book a writing session with Desirée Dawson, please contact her at

She looks forward to working with you!

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