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Download Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android

Last Day on Earth for Android - this project will take users to 2027, when there was an outbreak of an unknown infection on our planet, which wiped out most of the population of the Earth. But it was only the beginning, because after that all dead people have turned into zombies, that are ready to tear apart everyone who is in front of their eyes. But there were some lucky ones who had a resistance in their blood that provided immunity to the virus.


Players will find themselves in unknown territory with absolutely no conditions for survival. But don't despair, because there will be a huge amount of resources around you from destroyed cities. Quickly begin to settle in and gather everything you can use. Start creating various items and quickly cut down the trees to build at least some shelter before it gets dark. After all, it is at night that the walking dead are most active and come out to hunt. Explore different objects, learn how to create more and more complex mechanisms and go from wood to stone, and then to the metal. Explore territories, create various transports to move quickly over greater distances and continue your survival in this world that has survived a terrible catastrophe.


The basic essence of Last Day on Earth is for every player to try their hand at survival. Get complete freedom of action and see how long you can survive. Choose your style of play and get a lot of positive emotions, enjoying all the features of the project. Create your own fortress, where you will store resources, deal with uninvited guests and master new technologies.