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Desirée Dawson - Handwritten  in white

About Desirée Dawson

Desirée Dawson is a multi-talented artist, celebrated for her remarkable gifts as a recording artist, songwriter, producer, and sound healing facilitator. Her main instrument is her powerful yet soothing voice although she is best known for accompanying her voice with her Baritone Ukulele. She can be found playing solo, as a duo or a full band. Her music has elements of pop, folk, americana,  country and soul but it's most often just referred to as a singer-songwriter.


She is actively songwriting in many genres outside of what she's known for and thrives in any song writing room. Notably, her outstanding musical journey includes a prestigious JUNO Award nomination, recognizing her album "Meet You At The Light." Her excellence is further underscored by securing two SXSW Music Video Awards wins in 2022 and a distinguished UK Music Video Award nomination for international pop music video of the year, sharing that nomination slot with the likes of Lil Nas X , Rosalia and more. 


Desirée is a Keychange alumni, being a part of the 2023 Keychange cohort, she spent a year getting connected with like minded change makers within the European market.  Desirée’s musical influence reverberates far and wide, with her songs  “Cup Of Tea” and "I Am Blessed” which have been achieving viral acclaim on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, engaging audiences across the globe.


Multiple songs from her catalog have landed many placements in tv/film/advertisement with more in store. Desirée passionately supports her community through a variety of music-based workshops and gatherings. Whether performing solo with her baritone Ukulele, in harmony with her band or leading sound healing workshops, Desirée’s music is made to get us feeling and healing.

photo of desiree dawson in an orange dress sitting outside, cross legged
"Her positive energy in combination with the strum of her ukulele and beautiful voice will leave you inspired."

                                                             - Kiah Welsh (CBC

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