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About Desirée Dawson

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Desirée Dawson emerges as an exceptional force in the world of music, holding esteemed honors beyond her roles as a recording artist, songwriter and producer.  Through her artistry, she kindles a seamless connection between listeners and their inner selves, as well as the people and land around them.

Dawson's artistic versatility is awe-inspiring as she gracefully traverses across genres, crafting musical landscapes that resonate deeply. Her music is a tapestry woven with harmonies. Her captivating voice serves as the centrepiece, both powerful and soothing.

In a incredible year marked by many milestones, Desirée's achievements gleam brightly. Notably, her album "Meet You At The Light" secured a prestigious JUNO Award nomination. The accolades continue with two triumphant wins at the SXSW Music Video Awards, along with a distinguished UK Music Video Award nomination. Further, her artistry shared the spotlight as she opened for Serena Ryder on a captivating west coast Canadian tour.

Desirée's influence knows no bounds, as she joins the ranks of this year's Keychange cohort, a testament to her enduring commitment to innovation and creativity. Noteworthy as well is the viral success of her song 'I Am Blessed' on TikTok and Instagram, capturing the hearts of a global audience.

Ever since her triumph in Canada's CBC Searchlight contest in 2016, Desirée's music has graced the airwaves of numerous CBC Radio programs and has been played on regular rotation across the nation. Her dedication to community shines through her passionate leadership of music-based workshops and gatherings, a testament to her commitment to the well-being of those around her.

Whether solo with her baritone Ukulele, harmonizing with her band, or leading transformative sound healing workshops, Desirée Dawson's music emerges as a catalyst for feeling and healing, an embodiment of artistic excellence and compassionate connection.

"Her positive energy in combination with the strum of her ukulele and beautiful voice will leave you inspired."

                                                             - Kiah Welsh (CBC

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